To Virtualmech computational dynamic simulation is an effective tool for the design of machines. Machine simulators developed by Virtualmech allow systematic application of scientifically well substantiated design techniques by non-specialized engineers. The use of machine simulators reduces the prototype-test-redesign iterations, and therefore the end cost.

The development of simulators for machine design requires a multidisciplinary knowledge of Mechanical Engineering, Mathematical Methods and Engineering Design. Virtualmech provides specialists trained in these areas in the best research centers worldwide.

Virtualmech uses Multibody System Dynamics as the fundamental tool for the development of realistic simulators than can be used in the design phase of machines. This method can analyze the dynamics of deformable solids modeled by the Finite Element Method very efficiently by using Component Modal Synthesis.

In the dynamics of most machines is very important to the analysis of highly deformable elements (belts, cables, conveyor belts, etc) that are very difficult to model efficiently. Virtualmech specializes in modeling and simulation of such elements by the Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation. Virtualmech has been active in the development of this method in conjunction with Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago and Institute of Mechatronics and Virtual Engineering, Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland).

The use of simulators in the design of machinery is not confined to virtual modeling and simulation of the mechanical system in design phase. The same equations that allow the simulation can also be used for other types of mathematical analysis such Parametric Optimization and Stability Analysis. Parametric Optimization can be used to select design variables of the machine (geometric, material selection, etc.) for optimum performance. The stability analysis shows the ranges of design variables that maintain stable dynamic performance of the machine (critical speeds in vehicles, critical speeds of rotating machines, etc). Virtualmech develop simulators with advanced mathematical analysis capabilities applied to optimal design of machinery.

CAD / CAM / CAE technologies are frequently used tools in the machinery manufacturing industry for modeling of solids. Using these models Virtualmech can simulate the prototype giving it real mechanical properties and provide accurate numerical results along with the animation of your product working. The simulation allows getting maximum use of the CAD models.